10 Pcs Magnetic Reed Sensor Switch D-C73 DC AC 5-240V 100mA Normally Opened for Pneumatic Air Cylinder


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Model: D-C73, SPST NO (normally opened) type.
Operating voltage: DC/ AC 5-240V.
Operating current: 100mA.
With red LED indicator light.
Switch size approx. 26 x 8 x 11mm, cable length approx. 1.5m.
High sensitivity and stable performance.

Material: Plastic + PVC + Electric Component
Type: D-A93 / CS1-M / CS1-J / CS1-G / D-C73 (Optional)
Quantity: 10 Pcs
Mode: D-C73
Switch Logic: SPST NO (Normally Opened) Type
Inductive Switch Mode: Magnetic Reed-pipe
Voltage: DC/ AC 5-240V
Current: 100mA
Contact: 10W
Internal Volt-drop: DC 2.5V Max. 40mA
Indicator Light: Red LED
Cable Wire: Oil-proof PVC 2.8φ 2C
Induction Sensitivity: 60 Gauss
Largest Switch Change-over Frequency: 200Hz
Working Temperature: -10℃~70℃
Shockproof: 30G
Vibration Resistance: 9G
Protective Class: IP67
Switch Size: 26 * 8 * 11mm
Cable Length: 1.5m
Item Weight: 19g / 0.65oz

Package List:
10 * Magnetic Sensor Switch