100~240V ZL-7903A LCD Display Intelligent Temperature Humidity Controller Multifunction Intelligent Incubator Temperature Humidity Incubator Controller PID Control/External SSR Control(Optional)/Relay Control Three Kinds Temperature Control Mode Suitable for Egg Incubator/Climate Chamber/Warehouse


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This ZL-7903A controller is an industrial intelligent temperature and humidity controller.  You can connect the external SSR to realize bigger heating power rate, and with PID temperature control method. With touchable button and large LCD display, also convenient to operate and set up. Come on and try it, it will not let you down.

Three temperature control modes: relay up/down limit control, SSR up/down limit control and PID control. You need to connect the SSR by yourself, SSR limit control is able to set power rate when room temperature is close to setpoint.
Powerful functions: With the ventilation fan control functions, humidify or dehumidify contol, door open/close check and control and illumination control.
With the timer air exhaust control and timer eggs turning control, also with the power off memory function.
Multiple protection functions: With the temperature and humidity over limit warning and protection function and the temperature and humidity sensors fault warning and protection function.
Wide applications: Can be used for control of incubator, climate chamber, warehouse and so on places.
With two different humidity sensors: ZL-SHr05J, ZL-SHr05P for you to choose, please check before order.

Material: plastics
Power supplys: 100~240V AC, 50~60Hz
Type1: with ZL-SHr05J
Type2: with ZL-SHr05P
Humidity sensors: ZL-SHr05J, ZL-SHr05P (optional)
Heater control relay output: 250 V AC 7.5A/1.0A
Ventilationcontrol relay output: 250 V AC 7.5A
Humidity control relay output: 250 V AC 7.5A
Lamp control relay output: 250 V AC 7.5A/1.0A
Air exhaust control relay output: 250 V AC 3A
Eggs turning relay output: 250 V AC 1A
Alarm output relay output: 250 V AC 1A
Temperature sensor: NTC, 5K/3470
Setting ranges:
ZL-SHr05J: 0~80%RH
ZL-SHr05P: 0~99%RH
Temperature: 0~100°C
Temperature: ±1%( at 25°C)
ZL-SHr05J: 3%RH
ZL-SHr05P: 2%RH
Working environment: -20~45°C, 10~90% RH (without dewing)
Package size: 140 * 126 * 70mm / 5.5 * 5.0 * 2.8in
Package weight: 500g / 1.1lb

For tungsten lamp, the current no more than 1.0A.
If drive an adaptor (alternate voltage to direct current 12 V direct current), it is infact an AC/direct current, with huge surging when power supplied, the output lifes time is not guaranteed.
You need to buy and connect with the SSR by yourself, this product NOT include the SSR.

Packing list: (Optional)

1 * Intelligent Temperature Humidity Controller
1 * ZL-SHr05J Humidity sensors

1 * Intelligent Temperature Humidity Controller
1 * ZL-SHr05P Humidity sensors