10PCS Turtle Duck Araneid Starfish Octopus Shape Sponges for Absorbing Water Oil Scum


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10PCS cute turtle, duck, araneid, starfish, octopus shape sponges for absorbing grease, scum, dirt in swimming pools, spas and hot tubs etc., meet your various daily needs.
An inexpensive and convenient product to help you clean easily and quickly.
It has an appropriate size to ensure that it won't get stuck in your supply line.
Easy to use, just put it into a pool or bathtub filled with water, then it will automatically clean for you.
It is recommended that you store the sponges for sealed packaging, which will extend its service life.

Material: Sponge
Color: White
Weight: 51g/1.8oz
Item Size: 11.5*10.8*3cm/4.5*4.3*1.2in(turtle)  11.5*10.8*2.8cm/4.5*4.3*1.1in(duck)  12.5*9*2.5cm/4.9*3.5*1in(araneid)  11*11*2.8cm/4.3*4.3*1.1in(starfish)  12.5*11.6*2.5cm/4.9*4.6*1in(octopus)
Package Size: 25*25*13cm/9.8*9.8*5.1in

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