10W Intelligent QI Wire-less Cha-rger Metal Simple Circular Desktop Phone Quick Cha-rger


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Intelligent wire-less cha-rger, high-end frosted surface, foreign body recognition, 360° placement cha-rging, universal compatibility, safety for body and device, multiple protection function, delicate practical.

Change the traditional cha-rging method, quicker and more convenient.
Foreign body recognition, only supports cell phone cha-rge, intelligent identification of other metals.
360° placement cha-rging, larger coil, horizontal placing upright placing, 360° placing are all available.
The machine bottom have 4 anti-slip silicone mat, keep the machine stable on different materials surface.
Universal compatibility, applicable to most types of mobile phones in the market.
Safety for body and device, mild breathing lamp won't affect sleep quality.
Multiple protection function, over tempreture/over voltage/over current/short current/electromagnetic radiation safety.
Universal Type-C port to cha-rge, both positive and negative, strong and resistant to friction.
Case friendly, ordinary thin phone case with height ≤5mm is also suitable.

Color: Black, Silver (optional)
Material: Metal 
Surface Technics: The Frosted
Max Output: 10W
Transmission Distance: 0-8mm
Cha-rge Standard: Compatible Qi
Universal Input: 5V 2A
Universal Output: 5V 1A
Quick Cha-rge Input: 9V 2A
Quick Cha-rge Output: 9V 1.2A
Package Weight: 90g / 3.17ounces
Package Size: 105 * 105 * 20mm / 4.13 * 4.13 * 0.79in

Packing List:
1 * Wire-less Cha-rger 
1 * Cha-rge Cable