12 Inch Electric Chainsaw Refit Conversion Adjustable Universal Bracket Set Change Angle Grinder into Chainsaw Part Kit Woodworking Power Tool with M-10 Chain-wheel


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12inch chainsaw bracket set can change angle grinder into chainsaw for lots of woodworking jobs or projects. Includes one-time forming guide plate, hard quenching chain, ergonomic handle, humanized baffle, quality M-10 chain-wheel and etc.. It includes everything you need, you can have a try.

One-time forming guide plate, practical and not easy to break, has a long service time.
Hard quenching chain, high hardness and wear resistance, logging more smoothly.
Comes with one wrench, it can be rotated left and right to adjust the tension of chain.
Ergonomic handle design, anti-slip, effort saving, and will not feel tired after long time use.
The humanized baffle is resistant to wear and gives you safe-protection against wood debris splashing.
Comes with a M-10 chain-wheel, after high temperature quenching process, with high hardness and stable performance.
There is an empty lubricating oil pot on the aluminum block of the machine body, you only need to press it to refuel.

Name: Chain-Saw Bracket Set
Material: metal+plastics
Item weight: 1229g / 2.71lb
Package size: 350 * 150 * 70mm / 13.78 * 5.91 * 2.76in
Package weight: 1348g / 2.97lb

Packing List:
1 * Guide Plate
1 * Chain
1 * Handle
1 * Baffle
1 * Protecting Cover
1 * Aluminum Block
1 * M-10 Chain-Wheel
1 * File
1 * Bag of Accessories
1 * Guideline