12V 24V Auto RV Charging Switch Smart Dual Battery Isolator Voltage Sensitive Relay Compatible with RV Marine Car Vehicles Truck Caravan Off-road Camper Yacht


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It is used when two batteries are used in a car yacht, suitable for current between 100-120A, instantaneous maximum current 125A.
When the battery power is low, disconnect the auxiliary battery, first ensure the main battery charging and work.
After the main battery is full, automatically charge the auxiliary battery does not affect the power supply of electric equipment.
When not charged automatically cut off the connection of the main and auxiliary batteries do not worry about the lack of power can not start the engine.
This battery isolators are small and suitable for almost anywhere, for ATV, UTV, Boats, RV's,marine vehicle, truck, caravan.

Color: black
Material: plastic
Continuous current: 80-100A
Instantaneous current: 125A
Current consumption-charging: 240mA
Current consumption-standby: 8mA
Disengagement delay: 5-10 seconds
Recommended fuse: 80Amp
Power stud: M6 copper screw nut
Package size: 7 * 7 * 5.5cm 
Package weight: 200g

Package List:
1 * Dual Battery Isolator