12V-24V Car Battery Tester Analyzer 100-2200 CCA Automotive Load Battery Tester Digital Analyzer Bad Cell Test Tool


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This instrument is a handheld , portable test tool designed to test 12V / 24v automotive lead-acid storage batteries and 12V / 24V automotive starting systems and charging systems . It can easily , quickly and accurately test the actual cold cranking amps capability of automotive battery , health state of automotive battery , automotive cranking system and charging system . It can be used by maintenance personnel to troubleshoot automotive battery problem and automotive starting / charging system problem It can be used in automobile factories , automotive maintenance and repair workshops , automotive battery factories , educational organizations , and etc ,or used by automotive battery distributors.

Tests all automotive cranking lead acid batteries , replacement for lead acid batteries , AGM flat plate batteries , AGM spiral batteries , Gel batteries and etc.
Directly detects bad cell battery.
Reverse polarity connection protection . Reverse polarity connection will not damage the tester or affect the vehicle and battery under test.
Directly tests low battery , no need to fully charge battery before test .
Test standards include most usual battery standards around the world CCA . DIN . EN . IEC , and JIS6 .

Voltage measuring range: 9V to 30V DC
Operating Temperature:0-40℃
Storage Temperature:-20-60℃
Package size:25*10*5cm 
Package weight: 305g

Package Included:
1x Car Battery Tester Analyzer