151Pcs Rotary Tool Accessories Kit Universal 1/8


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Combo Set of 151 PCS

This set includes sanding discs, sand bands, brass wire brush wheels, plastic wire brush wheels, mandrels, sanding drums, cut-off wheels. 

Suitable for carving, sanding/shaping, cutting, grinding, cleaning, polishing, etc. 

Applicable Material
You can use them on jade, ceramic, wood, glass, etc.

Sanding Drum & Band Kit
Sanding band should use with sanding drum and this set is suitable for polishing and grinding on ceramics, wood, etc. And 1/8'' shank diameter is compatible with most rotary tools.

Wire Brush Wheels (Brass/Plastic)
Brass brush can easily remove rust, paint, dust and burrs on metal and wood surface and smooth welding spatter while plastic brush is used for cleaning and polishing fragile surfaces.

It is used with cutting discs, sanding discs and grinding wheel.

Material: Stainless Steel, Emery,Plastic
Includes: Sanding discs, Sand bands, Brass wire brush wheels, Plastic wire brush wheels, Mandrels, Sanding drums, Cut-off wheels
Shank diameter: 3.175mm/ 1/8in
Quantity: 151Pcs

Packing list:
2 * 1/2''  Sanding Drums 
1 * 1/4'' Sanding Drums
20 * 3/4'' 240# Sanding Discs 
3* Brass Wire Brush Wheels  
3* Plastic Wire Brush Wheels
40* 15/16'' Cut-off Wheels 
20* 3/4'' 180# Sanding Discs
2* RT-402 Mandrel
30* 1/4'' Sanding Bands (60#/120#/240#, 10pcs/Grit) 
30* 1/2'' Sanding Bands (60#/120#/240#, 10pcs/Grit)