18+1 BB Bearing Fishing Baitcast Reel High Speed 7.2:1 Fishing Reel Bait Cast Wheel Left/Right Hand Fishing Accessory


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Made of high intensity metal material, strong and solid, durable in use. 
18+1 BB bearing plus one-way clutch, excellent ratio up to 7.2:1.
Fully adjustable cast control with great gear magnetic brake system. 
Smooth ceramic guide ring, wear-resistant and heat-resistant.
Great line lay oscillation system and unspaced anti-reverse system. 
Comfortable handle with smooth rotation, labor-saving and practical. 
Compact size and lightweight, convenient to carry and use outdoors. 
Great accessory for fishing lovers. 

Material: Metal 
Model: DW132W/DW132P/DW132S (optional)
Type: Left Hand/Right Hand (optional)
Gear Ratio: 7.2:1
Max Drag Capacity: 10kg / 22lb 
Line Capacity:
DW132W: 0.23mm-90m, 0.28mm-70m, 0.30mm-60m
DW132P: 0.285mm-120m, 0.31mm-90m, 0.35mm-70m
DW132S: 0.23mm-180m, 0.28mm-150m, 0.30mm-110m
Package Size: 14.1 * 12 * 7.4cm / 5.6 * 4.7 * 2.9in 
Package Weight: 260g / 9.2oz 

Package List:
1 * Fishing Reel