18pcs Drum Accessories Set


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Fine quality felt pad, firm and practical, prevents the collision between cymbals and metal, protects cymbals well, and can improve the sound quality and performance of cymbals.

Nuts and washers can make the cymbals and felt pads more secure.
The sleeve can ensure the positioning height of cymbals so as to complete the setting of drum set and provide fine performance.
Standard size felt pads, sleeves, nuts, suitable for most drum sets.
A must thing for any drum.

Cymbal sleeve base: 8-10mm
Cymbal felt: 8-10mm
High hat clutch felt: 6-8mm
High hat cup felt: 6-8mm
wing nut: 8mm
Washer: 8mm
Package size: 150 * 100 * 50mm / 5.9 * 3.9 * 2.0in
Package weight: 106g / 3.7ounce

Package list:
3 * Cymbal Sleeve Base
6 * Cymbal Felt
2 * High Hat Clutch Felt
1 * High Hat Cup Felt
3 * Wing Nut
3 * Washer