1Pc Soldering Iron Tip Double Conta Fever Connectin Heater Core Replacement Parts for Mini Digital LCD Solder


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It's a internal-heated heating core specially for TS100, tip and heater as a whole. 

Replace your old or broken solder tip.
Easy to connect with electric solder.
Made of red copper material, long time to use.
Double conta, fever connecting, heater core, welding tip.
Various welding tips for you to choose from.

Material: Red copper
Color: Silver
Model: TS-K, TS-KU, TS-BC2, TS-C4, TS-D24, TS-B2, TS-I, TS-ILS, TS-C1, TS-JL02, TS-BC3 (optional)
Item Length: 
 TS-K: 109mm / 4.29in
 TS-KU: 105.5mm / 4.15in
 TS-BC2: 106mm / 4.17in
 TS-C4: 105mm / 4.13in
 TS-D24: 105mm / 4.13in
 TS-B2: 106mm / 4.17in
 TS-I: 103.5mm / 4.07in
 TS-ILS: 135mm / 5.31in
 TS-C1: 107mm / 4.21in
 TS-BC3: 102mm / 4.02in
Package Weight: 10.5g / 0.37ounces
Package Size: 105 * 5 * 5mm / 4.13 * 0.2 * 0.2in

Packing List:
1 * Soldering Iron Tip