2.4 Inch LCD Display Screen Handheld Infrared Thermal Imager -20~1000℃


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This thermal imager with 1024 infrared image resolution, also has 2.4inch LCD display screen, so you can see the data more clearly. With automatic tracking function, and can display high definition imaging at a glance. This tool also has a wide application like motor equipment troubleshooting, distribution box troubleshooting and so on. Come on and try it, it will not let you down.

With 2.4inch LCD display screen, which can let you see the data more clearly, give you a better using experience.
Widely used in medical, fire, archaeology, transportation, agriculture, geology, energy, smelting, electronic manufacturing and other fields, also is an fine choice for electricians and maintenance technicians.
Coldspot hotspot automatic tracking function: the temperature tracking point will automatically track as the measurement range moves. And lock the lowest temperature and highest temperature point.
There colors imaging mode: The instrument provides 3 color palettes: iron red, rainbow, black and white select the appropriate color palette to show the details of the target object.
Image blending: The instrument supports a mix of two visual modes to accurately identify the point of failureldeal for electricians and maintenance technicians.
Capture and save images saved on the instrument can be viewed and exported by connecting to a com-puter quick and easy, quick recharging through USB.
Built in storage: Can store up to 52 photos, up to 32G memory card expansion, only memory cards in the FAT32 file format are supported.

Material: ABS
Temperature measurement ran-ge:-20~1000℃
Accuracy: ±3K or ±3%(This precisions is only applicable to the ambient temperature of 15~50℃ and the temperature of the object to be side of 15~200℃)
Emissivity: default 0.95 (0.01-1 adjustable)
Background reflection temperature compensation: yes
Radiation coefficient correction: yes
Response time: 250ms
Thermal sensitivity: 200mk
Frame rate: <6Hz
Infrared band: 8um~14um
Visible lens: 300 thousand pixels
Focus mode: fixed
Infrared image resolution: 1024 pixels (32×32)
Field angle: 33°
Palette: Iron Red, Rainbow, Gray Level
Infrared visible fusion: 0% total thermal imaging, 25%, 50%, 75%.100%(full visible light)
Image capture: Freeze images to allow viewing before saving
Storage medium: Built-in storage 8M (available 7.8M, 52 photos), maximum support for 32 G memory card expansion, only support FAT32 file format memory card.
Picture format: .BMP format
View stored images: Turn pages on the screen and display all saved images by key-press control.
Power su-pply: 3 * 1.5V AAA battery or 1 * 18650battery (NOT included)
Operating temperature and humidity: 10-40°C <85%RH
Storage temperature and humidity:  -20-75°℃<85%RH
Item size: 210 * 101 * 60mm / 8.3 * 4.0 * 2.4in
Item weight: 192g / 6.8ounce
Package size: 445 * 235 * 60mm / 17.5 * 9.3 * 2.4in
Package weight: 845g / 1.9lb

Packing list:
1 * Thermal Imager
1 * User Manual
1 * USB Cable
1 * Carry Box