2 PACK 60W DC 5V/18V Flexible Solar Panel with 2 USB Interface and Car Charge 50A Solar Charge Controller Off-grid Batterys-Charge PWM Intelligent Regulator for Home RV Car Boat


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This solar panel charge kit with DC5V / DC18V dual output and 2 USB interface, perfect for various outdoor activities illuminating use whether you are going camping in the mountains or taking a trip to the beach, this solar panel charge kit can be a perfect start to your off-grid system.
Solar energy, environmental protection, energy inexhaustible, bill-free and user-friendly.
Rechargeable, no extra wires, easy to use.
Monocrystalline solar cells and environmental PET film, safe, long service life.
Portable and frame design fit for both outdoor and indoor usage.
Standard 2 USB port, fits to be the power-supplys for mobile phone and other portable digital devices.
IP65 water resistance ensures it to be used in bad weather conditions.
Provided car charge and the clip can be used to charge the 18V batterys.
Controller provides short-circuit protection,open-circuit protection, reverse protection, overload protection.
Solar controller can clearly indicate the status and data, it can be conveniently switched modes and parameter configuration.
Is perfect for lead-acid batterys: OPEN, AGM, GEL, NOT for nickel hydride, lithium ions or other.
Adjustable floating charge voltage, discharge stop voltage and discharge reconnect voltage.
Perfect and safe to use in various applications, such as home, industrial, commercial etc.
Types: 6 types (optional)
    type 1: 2 * 60W panel
    type 2: 2 * 60W panel + 10A controller
    type 3: 2 * 60W panel + 20A controller
    type 4: 2 * 60W panel + 30A controller
    type 5: 2 * 60W panel + 40A controller
    type 6: 2 * 60W panel + 50A controller
Solar Panel
Material: PET
Panel: SP100-12m monocrystalline
Panel qty: 2pcs
Powers: 60W
Output: USB 5V 3A & 18V 5.6A
USB port: 2 USB output ports
Open circuit voltage: 20V
Transformation efficiency: 20%
Operating temperature: -40℃ to 85℃
Wind resistance: 50psf (2400 pascals)
Snow resistance: 113psf (5400 pascals)
Clip cable length: 0.7m / 27.56in
Protect rate: IP65
Panel weight: 1200g / 2.65lb (1 piece)
Panel size:  590 * 500 * 3mm / 23.23 * 19.69 * 0.12in
Material: ABS
Color: blue & black
Batterys voltage: 12V/24V auto adapt
Max powers: 360W (12V), 720W (24V)
Max solar input: <50V
Floating charge voltage: 13.7V (defaul, adjustable)
Discharge stop voltage: 10.7V (defaul, adjustable)
Discharge reconnect voltage: 12.6V (defaul, adjustable)
Charge reconnect: 13V
Self-consume: <10mA
USB output: 2 way USB output, 5V 2.5A
Operating temperature: -35℃ to 60℃
Item weight: 134g / 4.73ounce
Item size: 133 * 70 * 35mm / 5.24 * 2.76 * 1.38in
Package infor.
Package weight: 3200g / 7.05lb
Package size: 600 * 500 * 40mm / 21.85 * 19.69 * 1.57in
1. Please allow 1-10mm error due to manual measurement, thanks for your understanding!
2. Professional installation is required if needed!
3. Do not scratch the surface of the solar panel.
4. When charge with solar energy, place it upright in direct sunlight to ensure optimal charging.
5. Please do not use it as emergency charge when it is raining for avoiding short circuits. (The front of the solar panel is water resistance (keep the USB and DC interfaces away from water).
Package List:
2 * 60W Solar Panels
2 * Car Charge Cables
2 * Output Clip Cables
2 * 4 Suckers