20-225A MMA-225 Electric Welding Machine Household Mini Inverter Portable 110 V IGBT Digital Small Industrial Welding Machine


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This is a kind of quality invert welding machine, which is compact size, lightweight and portable, easy to take around with you. Digital welding machine, stable ignition, supporting the regulation of current from 20 to 225A. Selected IGBT power tube, rectifying and wave-filtering, with stable output performance. Perfect for home decoration, such as install iron stairs, iron gate, iron frame and etc..

Small, light, compact and portable compared to large bulky conventional welding machines.
Easy to starts arc non-stick electrode.
Intelligent one-click adjustment.
Adopts IGBT module technology, energy-saving and stable heat dissipation.
High duty cycle, lower cost operation, higher output.
Fine-quality shells design, waterproof, overheat-protection, overcurrent-protection, overload-protection and insulation-protection.
With fault detection light.
Household 110V, high efficiency and energy saving.
Digital LED display when use, with the knob control, which makes it fast, safe, simple and stable.
It can be used to welding 2.5mm/3.2mm welding-rod, square-pipe, galvanized-pipe, angle iron, stainless steel.

Name: Electric Welding Machine
Model: MMA-225
Shells material: Fine-quality ABS
Color: Red, Yellow (optional)
Material used: iron / carbon steel / stainless steel / alloy steel
Digital display: Yes
Input voltage: 110 V
Power: 3000W
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Output current adjustment range: 20-225A
Welding rod: 2.5/3.2
Item size: 215 * 105 * 165mm / 8.46 * 4.13 * 6.50lb
Item weight: 1902g / 4.19lb
Package size: 260 * 155 * 290mm / 10.24 * 6.10 * 11.42in
Package weight: 2243g / 4.94lb

Packing List:
1 * MMA-225 Welding Machine
2 * Quick-plug
1 * T-wrench
1 * Belt
1 * User Manual