20A MPPT Solar Charge Controller


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MPPT means Maximum Power Point Tracking, MPPT solar charge controller is the upgrade of traditional controller. The MPPT controller support 12V/ 24V automatic identification for system voltage and the MPPT efficiency is up to 99%, which is higher than PWM mode. It has 5 working modes and is suitable for both home and commercial use.

Advanced dual-peak or multi-peak tracking technology allows the controller to stably work even if the solar panel is shadowed or part of the panel fails.
Efficient MPPT algorithm, up to 99% high MPPT efficiency and 98% conversion efficiency, better than PWM mode.
Automatic identification for system voltage: 12V/ 24V.
The PV input voltage range is 100V (25℃) or 90V (-25℃), suitable for various specifications of sloar panel, applicable to both home and commercial use.
Charging program options are available for different types of batteries including Gel, Sealed, Open and lithium batteries.
Charge mode: 3 stages (fast charging-sustaining charging- floating charge), which can prolong service life of the batteries.
5 working modes facilitate the product's application to different types of load: light control (night time on and daytime off)/ light control + time control, 1-14 hours/ manual mode/ debugging mode/ normal on mode.
LCD screen display: clearly view the operating data and working status of the device, and can support the modification of the controller display parameters.
LED fault indicators and LCD screen which can display abnormality information help users to quickly identify system faults.
Accurate temperature compensation: it can adjust charging and discharging parameters automatically to extend the battery's service life.
With current limiting charging function, when solar panel power is too large, the controller will automatically reduce the charging power, charging current will not exceed the rated value.
Multiple protections provide safe use: over load/ high voltage/ short-circuit/ over temperature/ reverse connection/ input power limit protection, etc.
Historical data storage function is available, and data can be stored for up to a year.
RS232/RS485 communication: the controller supports standard Modbus protocol, fulfilling the communicaiton needs of various occasions.

Note: Please read the manual carefully before using.

Charging Current: 20A/ 30A/ 40A (Optional)
Color: Black & White
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Display: LCD Display
Discharging Current: 20A
System Voltage: 12V/ 24V Auto
No-load Loss: 0.7W-1.2W
Battery Voltage: 9V-35V
Max. Solar Input Voltage: 100V (25℃), 90V (-25℃)
Max. Power Point Voltage Range: Battery Voltage+2V to 75V
Max. Capacitive Load Capacity: 10000μF
Max. Photovoltaic System Input Power: 12V/260W, 24V/520W (20A); 12V/400W, 24V/800W (30A); 12V/550W, 24V/1100W (40A)
Conversion Efficiency: ≤98%
MPPT Tracking Efficiency: >99%
Temperature Compensation: -3mv/℃/2V (default)
Operating Temperature: -35℃~+45℃
IP Grade: IP32
Communication Method: RS232/RS485
Altitude: ≤3000m
Item Size: 210 * 151 * 59.5mm / 8.23 * 5.94 * 2.34in (20A); 238 * 173 * 72.5mm / 9.37 * 6.81 * 2.85in (30A/40A)
Item Weight: 1086g / 2.39lbs (20A); 1720g / 3.79lbs (30A); 1689g / 3.72lbs (40A)
Package Size: 26 * 19.5 * 10.5cm / 10.24 * 7.68 * 4.13in (20A); 29 * 22 * 13cm / in (30A/40A)
Package Weight: 1423g / 3.14lbs (20A); 2180g / 4.82lbs (30A); 2148g / 4.74lbs (40A)

Package List:
1 * MPPT Solar Charge Controller
1 * Temperature Sensing Wire
1 * Installation Guide Card
1 * User Manual (English)