220V 30W Soldering Iron Smoke Fan Remover Fume Electrostatic Absorber Extractor


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A soldering flux is required in soldering and the main ingredient of soldering flux is rosin. Rosin mainly consists of abietic acid, which will be transformed into neoabietic acid under high temperature. In this process, the toxic components will be produced and volatilized into gas, which causes headache, dizzy, vomit, eye disease etc.
This soldering absorber possess with activated carbon filter, which can effectively absorb toxic gases and provides a safe working condition.

100% brand new and high quality.
Made of foam and activated carbon, which is ideal for absorbing solder fumes to protect health.
Anti-static material, low noise, high efficiency fan, effective smoking, air purification.
Unique disassembly design, easy to replace filter.
Removes soldering fumes quickly, safely and efficiently.
Genuine ESD safe material, safety used for purifying fumes during the electronic soldering.
You can adjust the absorption Angle, easy to move, suitable for your DIY welding work.

Material: metal & plastic
Input voltage: 220V, 60Hz
Power: 30W
Maximum air flow: 1000L/min
Injection port concentration: 2 (mg/L)
Size: 22*27*16.5cm/8.7 * 10.6 * 6.6 in
Weight:1056g/ 37 oz
Carbon fiber filter size: 13*13*1cm/5.1 * 5.1 * 0.4 in
Activated carbon filter: 0.32oz
Maximum weight of absorbed components per filter: 0.06 oz
Package size:29.5*23*16cm/3.74*9.05*6.30in
Packing weight:1126g/39.72 oz

Package Included:
1*Solder smoke absorber