2pcs Battery Terminal Connectors Quick Release Disconnect Car Battery Cable Terminal Clamps Positive Negative


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Car battery cable terminal clamps, power connection, stable current, protect battery.
With 4 post for wire connection, designed for multiple cable connections.
With power-off protection function, it is more safe and reliable to use.
It is made of premium brass with good conductivity and corrosion resistance.
The positive and negative terminals are suitable for most battery models, and can replace worn and corroded terminals.

Material: Brass
Positive Inner Diameter: 17.5-19.1mm
Negative Inner Diameter: 15.9-17.5mm
For Wire Diameter: 6mm
Item Weight(A Pair): 150g/ 5.3oz
Package Size: 140 * 90 * 25mm/ 5.5 * 3.5 * 1.0in
Package Weight: 173g/ 6.1oz

Packing List:
1 * Positive Battery Terminal Connector
1 * Negative Battery Terminal Connector