3.5 inch HUD Car Head Up Display Speed/RPM/Water Temperature/Voltage/Clock/Fuel Consumption/Driving Distance Display Fatigue Driving Reminder


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Multi-function: 10 main functions, including speed, RPM, water temperature, time, voltage, fuel consumption, driving time, travel distance, acceleration test and fuel consumption per 100 kilometers, easy to know your driving situations.
5 alarms including speed alarm, water temperature alarm, speed alarm, voltage alarm and fatigue driving alarm, helping you avoid unneccessary risks when driving.
Large fonts, high-definition experience: The front side adopts metal nanotechnology to eliminate unnecessary reflections and makes the picture display clearer.
Brightness upgrade: fully automatic light-sensing, self-adjusting brightness, clear enough during the day.
Comes with hood: integrated shading design-more considerate design, shading the display light, not dazzling at night driving.
Intelligent switch, start and close with the car.
Car performannce test: test the acceleration and driving distance of the vehicle to100 kilometers to let you know the performance status of the vehicle.

Color: Black
Model: OBD System
Display size: 3.5inch  
Material: Plastic
Product Size: 8.6 * 3.7 * 1.6cm
Product Weight: 33g
Package Size: 14.4 * 8.7 * 5cm
Package Weight: 153g

1. Insert the OBD socket connector. 
2. The wire is stuffed into the A-pillar sealing strip. 
3. Connect one end of the OBD interface to the HUD, and place the HUD in a suitable position. 

Package List:
1 * HUD Display
1 * OBD Line
1 * Reflective Film
1 * Manual
1 * Anti-slip Double-sided Tape

Please unplug the HUD, when you won't drive your car for more than a week. Due to the OBD equipment for long power, standby current is 20ma around, in theory, the use time of a common battery is 1 month, surely, situation of each car is different, it is recommended to unplug the OBD device if your car doesn't been used for a long time.