3 in 1 Carbon Dioxide Detector Air Quality Monitor


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Color screen display: The color screen display makes it easier for you to read and identify in darkness. 
Wide application: The portable size enables you to take it anywhere you go. It can be used at home, office, shopping mall, hotels and etc. 
3 in 1: It can detect real-time CO2 concentration, humidity, and temperature. CO2 detection range: 400-5000PPM.Temperature detection range: 0-50℃. Humidity detection range: 0-99%RH.
CO2 detector: The color ring will change according to the current CO2 concentration. 
USB charging: It can be charged through the charging port of any mobile device. The battery icon flashes in the charging state and it stops when it's full.  
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Name: CO2 meter 
Color: white 
Material: ABS
3in1 detector: CO2 concentration/temperature/humidity
CO2 detection range: 400-5000ppm
CO2 accuracy: ±1ppm
Humidity accuracy: ±2%RH
Size: 9*7*3.5cm
Battery: 3.7V 1200mAh 

Package information:
Size: 12*7.5*4cm 
Weight: 148g

Package list:
1*CO2 meter 
1*charging cable