3-inch Circlip Black Transparent Wheel Polyurethane PU Silent Caster 5PCS Office Chair Wheel 360° Caster Wheel Replacement Rollers


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This five wheel, quiet and labor-saving, help smooth movement, high load-bearing capacity, suitable for hospital beds, office chairs, carts and other items.

It is suitable for different occasions, making your life more convenient. It can be used for hospital bed, office chair, mobile shelf, cart, etc.
360 ° rotation, universal wheel, easy and flexible movement, can smoothly move to the designated position, easy and labor-saving.
Silent design, smooth use, no too much noise, outstanding use experience.
Scientific structure design, strong bearing capacity, improve safety.
Fine quality material, PU material wheel, steel bracket, wear resistance, long service life.
It can be used as a nice replacement and maintenance part for chair, cart, mobile shelf and other items to improve service life.

Material: PU+steel 
Wheel diameter: 75mm / 3.0in
Wheel width: 24mm / 1.0in
Installation height: 95mm / 3.7in
Insert size: 10 * 22mm / 0.39 * 0.9in, 11 * 22mm / 0.43 * 0.9in (optional)
Single wheel weight: 220g / 7.8ounce
Single wheel load: about 50kg
Package size: 200 * 95 * 120mm / 7.9 * 3.7 * 4.7in
Package weight: 1200g / 2.6lb

Packing List:
5 * Wheel