300mm Portable Photography Reflector Gray and White Balance Card


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The product one side is gray, the other side is  white, one for accurate exposure, while the other for setting the white balance, if the photos you take are too dark or too bright, blue or yellow, then use this. Using the latest double-sided design, the middle of the 18 degrees gray card with a secondary focus-scale, the other side is pure white,which is the b-est way to tune the white balance color of photography.

Play the role of gray board, also for automatic and manual lens practice.
18% standard gray, gray board side, with auxiliary focus-scale, whiteboard side is an nice accessory for tuning white balance.
Focusing board is the benchmark for accurate detection. Colorful pictures come from the exact exposure. Exposure to lighting may have a deviation if the light of the scene is too bright or too dark.
Focusing board can make complicated light scene to change to the 18% neutral gray, through the light meter record the focus-plate reflected light, you can get accurate exposure value.
Easy to carry, PU leather texture is not easy to damage, dirty can scrub, long service time.

Color: gray+white
Size: 300 * 300mm / 11.8 * 11.8in
Material: cloth
Package size: 320 * 320 * 10mm / 12.6 * 12.6 * 0.4in
Package weight: 85g / 3.0ounce

Packing List:
1 * Focus-Board