35-4400M USB Spectrum Analyzer Signal Tracking Source Handheld Digital Signal Frequency Analysis Handheld Frequency Analyzing with Aluminum Shell


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Portable Handheld Spectrum Analyzer: Adopt stm32f407 single-chip microcomputer (main frequency 168M) and 4.3-inch TFT LCD (480*800) color LCD screen.
Scope of application: walkie-talkie, toy remote control, 2.4Gwifi.
Internal integrated lithium battery charging circuit.
All aluminum alloy shell + rotary encoder control.
USB power supply, full English display.

Scanning span: 7M (10Khz), 35M (50khz), 70M (100Khz), 140M (200Khz), 350M (500Khz).
RBW: 10khz, 50khz, 100khz, 200khz, 500khz a total of 5 gears are adjustable.
Screen scanning points: 700 points.
Spectrum display range: 35M-4400Mhz; input impedance: 50 ohms.
the maximum access signal: 10dB.
DBm range: -80dB —– 10dB (supports manual adjustment of the calibration range). 
Package size:15x10x5cm 
Package weight:360g

Package Included:
1x Spectrum Analyzer 
1x USb