49-Keys Foldable Piano Digital Piano Portable Electronic Keyboard Piano for Piano Student Musical Instrument


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This foldable  piano is a very suitable gift for piano beginner. It is comfortable to use, does not hurt your fingers, and has a rich tone, which is very suitable for piano practice.

Stylish appearance, easy to carry, easy to cleaning, and easy to maintain.
As a movable piano keyboard, it allows piano learners to practice finger-pointing when the piano is not around, and also allows vocal music learners to practice solfeggio and ear training. Friends who like to enrich their spare time can also use it for entertainment.
Can let the child learn rich music knowledge, develop the sense of rhythm, training the coordination of left and right hands, so that beginners can master the basic standard playing skills.
This piano is small size and is portable and convenient to plays by students.
It can cover the needs of children and primary school students.
Keys with the same height and a certain sense of depression, and strengthening fingering exercises.

Main color: black+white
Battery: 3.7V, 600mAh
Tone: 128
Rhythms: 128
Demo: 30
White-key width: 22mm
Black-key width: 10mm
Keystroke: 5mm
Item size(unfold): 775 * 126mm
Item size(fold): 383 * 126 * 45mm
Item weight: 1600g / 3.5lb
Package size: 615 * 455 * 413mm
Package weight: 1600g / 3.5lb

Packing List:
1 * Electronic Keyboard