5000W Battery Spot Welder Handheld Spot Welding Machine Portable 0-800A Current Adjustable Welders for 18650 Lithium Battery Pack Welding 0.1- 0.2mm Nickel Strip, EU Plug


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Battery welding machine is specifically designed for 18650 battery welding and it also can be used to weld nickel strips with thickness of 0.2MM.
Come with welding pen with good conductivity and low contact resistance.
5000W High power spot welding machine, good performance and long service life.
ABS shell material, surface anodizing technology, anti-abrasive and safe to use.
When two welding pens press the nickel sheet and hold the foot switch, the indicator light on the panel will flash, indicating that the spot welding is already working. Wait for about 1 second to output the welding, and then release the foot switch to complete the spot welding step.

Color:Black,white,Blue for violet for optional
Line length of spot welding pen: 56cm (length to pen head)
Power: 5000W
Material: ABS Case
Welding Thickness: 01-0.15-0.2mm
Box size:19.5X13X10cm

1.According to the thickness of the following nickel belt 
Adjust to 5 position when spot welding 0.1mm
Adjust to 6 position when spot welding 0.15mm
Adjust to 8 position when spot welding 0.2mm
2 . If the current is adjusted too high or too small it will affect the spot welding effect
3 . When the top of the soldering pin becomes black sand it with fine sandpaper
4 . Press the nickel belt with two soldering pens and step on the foot switch
5 . Wait for about 0.5 seconds for output spot welding then release the foot switch
6 . Do not use voltage below 7.3V, please charge in time.
If the current is too high or too low, the spot welding effect will be affected. When the top of the welding pin turns black, it is a normal oxidation phenomenon. Before use, the oxidation part needs to be polished with the attached sandpaper, and the black part can be polished off, otherwise it will affect the spot welding output effect.

Package List:
1 x Battery welding machine
1x nickel strip 1m
1Xround sandpaper
1X pedal switch