50Pcs 70mm Simulation Christmas Snowballs Indoor Snowball Fight Game Christmas Home Decor


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Having these simulation snowballs, you can play snowball fight game indoor. Soft and reusable, these balls will not damage you.

The package includes snowballs, and the size is 70mm/2.76in.
Made of premium material, soft feeling, long-time use.
Can be used as Christmas decor for Christmas tree, wall, door handle, etc.
Suitable for snowball fight game, you can play with your friends and family, these balls are soft and will not damage you.
They are reusable, suit for both indoor and outdoor playing.

Material: Polypropylene
Color: White
Quantity: 50Pcs, 80Pcs, 100Pcs (optional)
Item Diameter: 70mm / 2.76in
Package Weight:
 50Pcs: 510g / 17.99ounces
 80Pcs: 820g / 28.92ounces
 100Pcs: 1030g / 36.33ounces
Package Size:
 50Pcs: 350 * 270 * 150mm / 13.78 * 10.63 * 5.91in
 80Pcs: 480 * 440 * 150mm / 18.9 * 17.32 * 5.91in
 100Pcs: 550 * 420 * 180mm / 21.65 * 16.54 * 7.09in

Packing List:
50 * Simulation Snowballs