5pcs 1 Gallon Filter Bag Bubble Bag


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Bags are labeled and color coded to corresponding micron rating: purple-25 micron, yellow-73 micron, orange-120 micron, red-160 micron, blue-220 micron.
Easy to use and reusable, easily fit 1 gallon /5 gallons bucket. stack the bags in exact order like the images (smallest first to biggest – 25 micron to 220 micron) then pour the mixture into the bags, finally rinse each bag and collect your finish product.
Made of durable waterproof nylon material, with built-in flexible cord for binding the filled bag.
  The bag set including 5pcs of filter bags.
Works well in extracting the oil from any herbs and each micron bag provides you with high-grade filtration to easily extract any essential oils, coffee, and other herbs.

Material: Nylon
Quantity: 5pcs
Size: 1 gallon, 5 gallon(optional)
Color: purple, yellow, orange, red, blue
Micron Rating: 25, 73, 120, 160, 220
Package Weight: 160g/5.64oz(1 gallon)
                             200g/7.05oz(5 gallon)
Package Size: 200*200*50mm/7.87*7.87*1.97in(1 gallon)
                       250*220*50mm/9.84*8.66*1.97in(5 gallon)

Packing List:
5*Mesh Bag