6.5 Inch Double-sided LCD Writing Tablet Full Screen with 2 Stylus Drawing Writing Taking Notes Leaving Messages for Toddlers Boys Girls & Adults White


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Environmentally friendly: Paper free,the LCD writing tablet can be used for about 100,000 times writing and deleting,equivalent to 100,000+ sheets of A4 paper,which can avoid the waste of paper and pencils.The colorful screen of painting board can provide a better painting experience,no blue light and glare,avoiding injury to child's eyes from long-term use.
Durable & Portable: A button battery is built into the writing board,which can be used for 50,000 erasing times,and the battery is replaceable.5mm ultra-thin body,light and convenient,ABS shell non-toxic material,which is comfortable and easy to carry.
Easy to Use: Depending on how hard you use the stylus,LCD writing tablet will create lines of different thicknesses.You can draw lines on the LCD writing tablet with a stylus pen or nails.Press the delete button, everything will be deleted, the edge of the screen has a lock button design to avoid accidental deletion.
Magnetic pen: The right side of the 6.5 and 9.5-inch handwriting board has a built-in strong magnet.The magnetic design allows the stylus to be attached to the right side of the handwriting board,which is convenient for writing and avoids the loss of the stylus.The 11.5-inch handwriting board has a built-in strong magnet on the front and can accommodate a magnetic stylus.
Suitable for all ages & different scenarios: This writing board can be used by children for writing,arithmetic,spelling and learning,and it is also the best writing board for adults to take notes and memorize information in the office.It can also be used as a family message board to increase the sense of ritual in life.

Material: ABS,LCD
Color: Black/White(Optional)
Size: 11.5+10.5Inch/9.5+9Inch/6.5+6Inch(Optional)
Writing Pressure: <300g
Battery: CR2016 Button Battery
Package Size:  
6.5Inch: 15.7 * 8.5 * 1.1cm/6.2 * 3.4 * 0.4in
9.5Inch: 23.1 * 15 * 1.1cm/9.1 * 5.9 * 0.4in
11.5Inch: 28.7 * 19.5 * 1.1cm/11.3 * 7.7 * 0.4in
Package Weight:
6.5Inch: 83g/2.9oz
9.5Inch: 210g/7.4oz
11.5Inch: 305g/10.8oz

Choking Hazard: With small parts,not for children under 3 years old.

Package List:
1 * Double-sided LCD Writing Tablet
1 * Magnetic Stylus
1 * Normal Stylus
1 * User Manual