6.5in LCD Electronic Memo and Writing Tablets


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Flexible LCD crystal film, high-tech fit technology, pressure sensing, perfectly reproduce the traditional paper writing feeling.

LCD writing tablets adopt LCD pressure-sensitive technology for easy writing or drawing, no radiation, no glare, which can protect your eyesight and keep you away from chemical pigments and dust that will stimulate your skin and lungs.
You can draw lines on the LCD writing tablets with a writing pen (we provide) or any other hard but not s-harp material (such as spoons, nail, etc.). Pressing the deletion button, everything will be deleted immediately, and it is with the lock button design to avoids accidental deletion, when the lock button on, will keep the entire picture unchanged, while when the lock button off the writings will be deleted.
The built-in battery of the LCD writing tablets provides long working time, which can be replaced for cycle use. And the LCD writing tablets is with low energy consumption design, only consume the power when using the deletion function, while when you are writing things it won't consume the energy. Avoids the waste of paper and pencils, reducing expense and no more mess at home.
The writing pen has an innovative design, with built-in magnets as well as the LCD writing board (on the right side of the board), and the magnets has powerful and strong magnetic absorption, which makes the writing pen can be simply attached on the board to avoids the loosing of the writing pen, besides the board is with thin frame design , which means that you have more space to draw and write.
The drawing tablets is made of fine quality plastics ABS, and the rounded corner design with perfect shock and drop resistance. The screen of writing board is hard to crack. and it is with lightweight and ultra thin design, which makes them easy to put in school bags, pocket, handbags, briefcase as well as travel bags.
Perfect for children drawing designer, business man, teacher, students and artist, educators to help students learn math and practice. And the LCD writing tablets is applicable for multiple occasions such as group discussion, brainstorming, taking notes, making calculations, reminder, memo, record the moment of inspiration and so on. besides it is suitable for all the ages.

Color: black, blue (optional)
Writing pen size: 133 * 7 * 7mm
Battery: 1 * CR2016, 3V, 75mAh
Material: ABS+LCD
Item size: 155 * 77 * 5mm / 6.1 * 3.0 * 0.2in
Item weight: 52g / 1.8ounce
Package size: 158 * 85 * 10mm / 6.2 * 3.3 * 0.4in
Package weight: 100g / 3.5ounce

Packing List:
1 * Mini Blackboard
1 * Writing Pen
1 * User Manual