6 Pack Washable Dry Mopping Pads


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Excellent accessories kit, replacement for iRoboVac Braava Jet M6 washable mopping pads.

Replacement for iRobot Braava Jet M6 washable mopping pads. Easy to remove and replace.
6 pcs dry mopping pads, 6 pcs wet mopping pads, 3 pcs dry mopping pads & 3 pcs wet mopping pads for your option.
Made of fine quality material, easy to capture dirt, dust and pet hair.
Regularly replace the accessories to keep your cleaner running at peak performance.
Suitable for most hard floor surfaces such as marble, laminate and tile.

Note: Color and size may be slightly different because of different lighting conditions and manual measurement. Thanks for understanding.

Type: 6 Dry Mopping Pads/ 6 Wet Mopping Pads/ 3 Dry Mopping Pads & 3 Wet Mopping Pads (Optional)
Dry Mopping Pad Size: 26.8 * 10.6cm / 10.6 * 4.2in
Wet Mopping Pad Size: 26.5 * 10.7cm / 10.4 * 4.2in
Package Size: 27 * 11 * 4cm / 10.6 * 4.3 * 0.4in
Package Weight:
6 Dry Mopping Pads: Approx. 200g / 3.5oz
6 Wet Mopping Pads: Approx. 240g / 4.2oz
3 Dry Mopping Pads & 3 Wet Mopping Pads: Approx. 220g / 7.8oz

Package List:
3 * Dry Mopping Pad
3 * Wet Mopping Pad