60/100/150mm Hexagon Red Pattern Bit Holder Extension Quick Change Screwdriver Batch-head Extension Lever Hand Electric Drill Power-saving Accessories


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Made of fine quality material, practical, easy to operate and use, has a long service life.

Choose fine-quality materials, fine corrosion resistance, fine hardness and fine wear resistance, not easy to rust, and has a long service life.
The interface has locking function,great for exchanging the sleeve and the joint, prolonging the connecting rod.
The inner hexagon has strong magnetism which can holds bits securely.
It can be used for the transfer and quick change of most tools such as electric screwdriver, manual electric screwdriver, electric drill electric screwdriver and wind screwdriver.
A variety of combinations can be selected to meet different needs, which can help you very effectively.

Material: CR-V
Color: red
Shank diagonal diameter: 6.35mm / 0.25in
Type: 1-4 (optional)
Type 1: 1 * 60mm / 2.4in extension rod
Type 2: 1 * 100mm / 3.9in extension rod
Type 3: 1 * 150mm / 5.9in extension rod
Type 4: 1 * 60mm extension rod+1 * 100mm extension rod+1 * 150mm extension rod
Package size: 150 * 40 * 20mm / 5.9 * 1.6 * 0.8in
Package weight:
Type 1: 25g / 0.9ounce
Type 2: 35g / 1.2ounce
Type 3: 48.6g / 1.7ounce
Type 4: 110g / 3.9ounce

Packing List: (optional)
Type 1:
1 * 60mm Extension Rod
Type 2:
1 * 100mm Extension Rod
Type 3:
1 * 150mm Extension Rod
Type 4:
1 * 60mm Extension Rod
1 * 100mm Extension Rod
1 * 150mm Extension Rod