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This is a kind of fine quality air purifier, create 600mg of ozone per hour and has been developed for various applications at home or in the office. Comes with everything necessary to remove odors, destruction of viruses, bacteria and mildew, even for drinking water purification, without any chemicals. Mini size, lightweight, portable and can be transported and used from one room to another. You can have a try.

LCD touching screen control shows air quality status, display air volume, temperature and humidity status.
Combine with ozonate water purifying function and anion air purifying function.
Purify the water, remove chlorine and harmful elements from the water.
The fine bubbles of active oxygen produced by the air purifier can totally disintegrate and decompose pesticides, odours, etc., that remain on the surface of food, such as fruits, vegetables, fish and meat and help food preservation.
Ozonate the bath water, used in pet grooming or water the planfs.
Purify the air, provide the cleaning air which is needed to fight allergies.
Cleans the air inside your home and keep it free from dust, pollen, lint, harmful gases such os adhesives and unwanted particles.
Eliminates odours from smokes, food, toilet and prevents elecfroslatic.
Eliminates harmful elements and particles that promote air pollution.
Improvement of the quality of the environment, necessary for the people with breathing problems, increased well-being, increased perception of rest.
Improved environmental cleanliness, and improves cleaning of confined environments.
It can be used at home, creches, nursing homes, gymnasiums and etc..

Name: Air Purifier
Ozone production: 600mg/h
Nominal voltage: AC90-240V/50Hz 
Rated power: 11W 
Timer: support 
Water Ozone: support 
Ozone tube: 1.5m
Time controller: 05, 10, 15, 20, 25. 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60min
Item size: 215 * 215 * 51mm / 8.46 * 8.46 * 2.01in
Item weight: 832g / 1.83lb
Package size: 331 * 226 * 55mm / 13.03 * 8.90 * 2.17in
Package weight: 1054g / 2.32lb

Packing List:
1 * Air Purifier
1 * Adapter
1 * User Manual
2 * Silicone Tube
2 * Gas-stone