60W Automatic Soldering Iron Kit Home Use Electronic One Hand Operation Soldering Machine Tool for Welding Circuit Board Appliance Repair


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9-IN-1 soldering iron kit, includes soldering machine, desoldering pump, 6 tweezers and solder wire. 
One-hand operation, you don't need to point your tin wire and soldering machine with all your hands again and you won't burn your hands accidentally any more.
Natural mica heating core, heating up fast, long life, can be replaced, easily assembled and dismantled. 
The desoldering pump, is a high-pressure vacuum tube, with an aluminum body frame that allows easy one-handed operation and is suited for soldering printed circuit boards.
Meets your daily work and hobby requirements, such as: as an electrical repair, for home improvement and other soldering projects.

Material: Alloy Tip, ABS Strong Plastis
Plug: two types (optional)
Voltage: AC110V
Power: 60W
Temperature Range: 0-430°C / 32-806℉
Working Temperature: 480-600°C / 896-1112℉
Rosin Core Solder Wire: 1mm/0.39in, 1.75ounces, Tin63%Lead 37%Flux2%
Warm-up Time: 2-4 minutes
Soldering Iron Tips: 900M-series
Package Size: 275 * 205 * 28mm / 10.83 * 8.07 * 1.1in
Package Weight: 379g / 13.37ounces

Usage Method:
1. Press down the tin inlet,insert the solder wire from the tin inlet,and buckle the plate,machine until the tin wire is sent to the tin guide-pipe.
2. Connect the soldering machine to the Power supply,turn on the Power switch and preheat.
3. When the soldering machine is heated to enough heat,the welding machine can be operated by pulling the trigger.
4. When the tin wire is withdrawn,the tin inlet is pressed,and the tin wire is drawn at the same time.
5. To replace the heating core,first remove the window,remove the connecting wire of the heating core,and then remove the soldering nozzle,the heating core can be replaced.

* Tin wire scaffold can be disassembled, easy to use.
* At work, the iron-pipe temperatures is up to 400°C, so please do not touch.
* Work is completed, please turn off thePower and store after cooling.
* Heat resistant teflon-pipe is fitted with 0.8 – 1.2mm solder wire.

Note: There are different kinds of adapter optional. Please choose the one suitable for your country.

Package List:
1 * Soldering Machine
1 * Desolder Pump
1 * Tin Wire Roll
6 * Tweezers (ESD-10,ESD-11,ESD-12,ESD-13 ESD-14,ESD-15)
1 * User Manual