6Pcs Polishing Pads Kit 6 Inches Car Buffing Sponge for Automobiles Yachts Self-adhesive Wool Pad


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If you worry about spending money on the maintenance of your beloved car, with this car polishing pads kit, equivalently you have a car beauty shop at home.

Compound Polishing Pads: Available in 6 different high quality sponge pads, wool pad can restore your car's shine. Suitable for removing sun pollution car, scratch and headlight wear. Orange thick cut pads suitable for removing oxidized coatings and medium to light scratch. Yellow and blue polishing pads for removing sun abuse and rotating mask. White and black pads for finishing and waxing.
High Quality: High quality sponge pads and wool pad are bendable, washable and reusable. Used for polishing, glazing and cleaning of all kinds of coatings and improving its lightness. The greatest advantage of our pads is that they lock and hold the polishing compound and they have a strong heat dissipation ability. 
Special Design: Pad side sizes vary from front 6.1in (155mm) to back 5.9in (150mm). A special design prevents surface scratches during polishing and reduces wear of the pad itself plate and surface. With a wider compatibility for most compounds than other shapes pads such as honeycomb, waffles or diamond shape.
Using Range: Can be used for electric buffers such as double-action polishers rotary polishers air polishers random track sanders, can also used for automotive detail polishing. With a hook and ring back, you can easily change the sponge. It is also suitable for the polishing of resin products tables and floors.
Professional Materials: Light weight and easy to install. Use durable open foams, improve airflow, and use ultra-smooth polish pads to bring the highest level of light. Continue polishing 4-5 cars or more.

Materials: Sponge + Wool
Item Weight: 143g / 5oz
Package Size: 16 * 14 * 14cm / 6.3 * 5.5 * 5.5in
Package Weight: 143g / 5oz

Package List:
5 * Polishing Pads
1 * Premium Wool Pad