71Pcs 2 inches Roloc Sanding Discs Set Cleaning Conditioning Roll Lock Disc Rust Paint Removal with 1/4


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71Pcs 2 inches roloc sanding disc set can be used with small right angle grinder. The small diameter of these discs makes them a nice matc-h for detail work on tighter contoured areas.
The conditioning discs can be easily and quickly screwed onto the disc pad with a simple twist-off, quick change and less time.
All discs are color coded by grade to help you regonize.
3 grades range(fine, medium, coarse) to meet your general polishing requirements.
Works well on metal, stainless, wood, stone surface.
Widely used in shipbuilding, maintenance, aviation, machinery, and other metal polishing, as well as automotive, motorcycle sheet metal coating, and other metal parts processing.

Disc Type: Quick Change Disc
Quantity: 71pcs
Sanding disc diameter: 50.8mm/2in
Package size: 350*250*20mm/13.78*9.84*0.79in
Package weight: 380g/13.4oz

Packing List:
35 * Aluminium Oxide discs (5 Pcs of each Grit: 36Grit, 40Grit, 60Grit, 80Grit, 120Grit, 180Grit, 240Grit)
15 * Zirconium Oxide Discs (5pcs of each grit: 60Grit, 80Grit, 120Grit)
15 * Non-woven Quick Change Discs(5 Pcs of each Coarse, Medium, Fine)
1 * Wool Disc
1 * Zirconia Mini Flap Disc
2 * Black Strips Sanding Discs
1 * 1/4" Shank Disc Holder