88 Keys Digital Music Electronic Keyboard Kids Multifunctional Electric Piano Rechargeable Beginners Piano Musical Instrument


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This electric piano is a very suitable gift for piano beginner. It is comfortable to use, does not hurt your fingers, and has a rich tone, which is very suitable for piano practice.

1:1 restore the piano k-ey ratio, very suitable for beginners to practice piano fingering and piano skills.
The press of the keys feels very comfortable and has a sense of advanced.
Rechargeable large capacity lithium battery, and equipped with a USB cable, can be recharged at any time.
With a storage bag for easy carrying.
Intelligent music processing chip, ABS resin piano-keys are practical and do not yellowed.
Can let the child learn rich music knowledge, develop the sense of rhythm, training the coordination of left and right hands, so that beginners can master the basic standard playing skills.
128 tones and 128 rhythms.
It can be connected to a microphone(not included) to sing while playing, and it can also be connected to a stereo(not included), so this piano is also suitable for performances.

Color: black+white
Material: ABS+aluminum alloy
Keys: 88-keys
Tone: 128
Rhythm: 128
Battery: 5V, 1800mAh
Item size: 1270 * 215 * 65mm / 50.0 * 8.5 * 2.6in
Item weight: 5960g / 13.1lb
Package size: 1400 * 280 * 130mm / 55.1 * 11.0 * 5.1in
Package weight: 7735g / 17.1lb

Packing List:
1 * Electric Piano
1 * Foot Pedal
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual
1 * Storage Bag