880mL Moon Shapede Mist Humidifier Diffuser


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The mist humidifier can moisturize the air for continuous operation, 360°uniform humidification, so you can breathe the fresh air, smell the fresh air like you are in a forest. Safely moisturizes the air for continuous operation so you can breathe easy and get more restful sleep.

[Two Modes]Two Adjustable Spray Modes. Continuously spray can be used to purify air particulates. Interval spray can keep humidifying all night.
[Auto Shut-off]Continuously spray for 10 hours, and  Interval sprays for 20 hours to auto-shutoff. It can be restarted to continue using after power failure.
[Night Lights]This moon lamp designs with 3 colors lighting modes. All of the colors can be changed by touch the top button.
[Keep You Healthy]This personal humidifier can not only help adjust dry air in the air-conditioned room but also moisturizes your skin, relieves nasal congestion, and purifies the air, keep you healthy all the time.
[Quiet]The mist humidifier only creates sound less than 36 dB which is very quiet, giving you a perfect sleep.

Types: With Battery(3.7V, 240mA);Without Battery (Optional)
Light Color: White;Warm White;Yellow
Material: PVC, PP, Electronic Component
Style: Casual
Capacity: 880mL
Spray mode: Continuous mode, Intermittent mode(Spray 3s, stop 3s)
Spray Volume: 25-35mL/H
Input: 5V/1A
Working Current: 550mA
Working Power: 2.7W
Working time: 25-35h
Noise: 36dB
Usage area: 30-40㎡
Occasion: Home, Hotel, School
Item diameter: 13cm / 5.11inch
Package Size: 15.5*13.5*13.5cm / 6.1*5.31*5.31inch
Package Weight: 400g / 0.88lb

Package List:
1 * Mist Humidifier
1 * USB Cable
1 * Wood Bracket
1 * Cotton Swab

1. Before using for the first time, please put the cotton swab into the water for 3-5 minutes to make the water fully penetrate it.
2. Please use mineral water (mineral water, tap water, etc.), pure water is not recommended
3. It is not recommended to add essential oils, because adding synthetic essential oils will reduce the working life of the humidifier; if adding essential oils, please clean the cotton swabs and nozzles thoroughly after use to reduce losses.
4. The lithium battery can only power the night light. If you want to use spray, please plug in the power adapter.