8pcs Filters for 61OZ/1.8L Transparent Cat Water Fountain Filters


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Size: 12*2.7*2cm. Composed of 8pcs, this set is suitable for the 1.8L pet fountain. 
Triple filtration: The filter can capture hair and debris. High-density coconut shell-activated carbon can remove fine impurities and microorganisms. Ion exchange resin effectively removes metal ions and prevents calculus.
Keep your pet healthy: The pet fountain filters help to improve the taste of the water. Therefore, cats will drink more and the risk of urinary tract infections can be reduced at the same time. 
Replacement frequency: Suggested to replace it 2-4 weeks to keep the water clean and fresh.
Rinsing before usage: Rinse it before use to prevent the activated carbon dust from shedding into water.

Color: white 
Material: cotton+activated carbon+non-woven fabric+resin   
Quantity: 8pcs(optional) 
Size: 12*2.7*2cm

Package information: 
Size: 20*15*5cm 
Weight: 50g 

Package List:
8*water fountain filters