A C110 V 165W Automatic Electric Vacuum Film Sealer Packaging Machine Vacuum Packer with 10PCS Bags Portable for Home Kitchen Daily Use


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This product is easy to use, it is a nice way to preserve meat, seafood, f-resh fruits and vegetables, and dried snacks. 

Easy and convenient to operate in the kitchen.
It is a nice way to preserve both dry & wet food, like meat, seafood, f-resh fruits and vegetables, and dried snacks. 
3 vacuum modes, A. -55kpa normal mode, suitable for those who need large suction force or pump the vacuum bag tightly, such as cereal etc/ B. -15Kpa and – 25Kpa soft mode suitable for soft food, such as bread etc/ C. -55kpa manual mode, press and hold this button to start vacuuming, release it to stop immediately,suitable for wet objects and external preservation canister/container.
Strong suction, moisture and dust proof and comes with LEDs indictaor lamp for informing its vacuum status, green light for dry vacuum & red light for wet vacuumn.
Fashionable appearance design, quiet low noise.
Mini size and light weight make it easy to carry and space-saving.

Item type: Vacuum Sealer
Color: White
Material: ABS
Electric plug:  3 plugs (optional)
Rated voltage: A C110V U S Plug/ A C230V E U/ U K Plug
Power: 165W±10%
Degree of vacuum: -55±3KPa、-20±3KPa
Cutter width: ≤11.8inches 
Package size: 450 * 220 * 115mm/17.7 * 8.7 * 4.5inches(Length * Width * Height)
Package weight: 1765g/3.9lbs

Note: There are different plug specifications to choose from. Please choose one suitable for your country.

Package list:
1 * Vacuum Sealer
1 * Adapter
1 * Vacuuming pipe
10pcs * Bags
1 * User Manual