ABE-200F Infrared Beam Detector Home Safety System Anti-theft Alarm Triple Beam Alarm Waterproof Sensors Optical A-xis Angle Adjustable LED Digital Display


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This is an triple beam alarm sensors, it includes a receiver and a transmission device for you to use together, You can install it in your home, gate, garden, and other places you want to install, and you don' t need to worry about the safety of your home anymore. If you need it, you can have a try.

When the three detected beam is blocked, it will immediately send an alarm sig-nal to the host, and the alarm host will call the user to remind you when receiving the sig-nal. (Note: The host is NOT included, you should buy it by yourself.)
The product can effectively avert the effects of rain, dust, and insects. Even in frosty weather, it is not affected by the environment when installed outdoors, give you a better using experience.
There are 90° rotations for the left and right sides, and 10° adjustable structures for vertical sides, which are convenient for projection and focusing in various directions during installation, making the installation simple.
LED digital display, adopt accurate digital tube to display signal strength, more easily for you to read and understand.
Triple infrared beams design can minimizing false alarms from birds, insects, falling leaves, etc.

Material: ABS
Warning distance:
Indoor: 200M
Outdoor: 600M
Induction speed: 50-500ms adjustable
Current: 60mA
Working temperature: -25℃~55℃ (heater is needed if temperature lower than the minimum operating temperature)
Working humidity: 95%
Working voltage: direct current 10~36V, AC 8~24V
Light source channel: 8 channels optional
Package size: 330 * 202 * 127mm / 13.0 * 8.0 * 5in
Package weight: 1829g / 4.0lb

Packing list:
1 * Infrared Beam Detector