AC220V Universal Singl-Phase Input Three Phase Out Variable Inverter PWM Control Frequency Converter


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Made of fine quality frequency converter has fine durability and long service life. It has fine performance and strong function. Human design keyboard with proper and clear digital display screen is easy to operate. Fine heat dissipation system can extend the service life. Drive board is waterproof, dampproof and electrostatic prevention.

Control mode: V / F control and vector control.
Frequency setting mode: digital setting, analogsetting, serial communication setting, PID setting and so on.
Built-in control function, can easily constitute a simple automated control system.
Internal simple PLC, 6 multi-function input terminals, to achieve operation, 0 speed, calculator, external exception program instructions and alarm.
Large function, deceleration stop or freewheel stop, direct current-brake, automatic reset restart, PLC program control and so on.
Provide a variety of fault protections: over-current, overvoltage, undervoltage, over temperature, phase loss, overload and other protection.

Name: Frequency Converter
Material: plastics
Type: 0.45KW, 0.75KW, 1.5KW, 2.2KW (optional)
Output Voltage Regulation Mode: PWM control
Hole Diameter: 4mm / 0.16in
Package Weight: 1351g / 2.98lb
Item Size: 180 * 126 * 125mm / 7.09 * 4.96 * 4.92in
Package size: 215 * 190 * 160mm / 8.46 * 7.48 * 6.30in

Packing List:
1 * Frequency Converter