AC380V 1.5KW Digital Adjustable Frequency Drive Free Ship 3-Phase Speed Controller Motor V/F Vector Control Variable Inverter AT3-1500X


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Made of fine quality frequency converter has fine durability and long service life. It has fine performance and strong function. Human design keyboard with proper and clear digital display screen is easy to operate. Fine heat dissipation system can extend the service life. Drive board is waterproof, damp-proof and electrostatic protect.

Uses distinctive control method to realize high torque, accurate and wide speed regulating ranges driving, with perfect performance.
It has fine anti-trip performance and ability to adapt to rough power, temperature, humidity and dust interference, greatly improved stability.
Through optimizing PWM control technology and electromagnetic compatibility, it satisfies users' requirement of low noise, low electromagnetic interference.
Large heat sink and high-efficiency integrated fan for better heat dissipation and safer use.
Externally accessible potentiometers 0-10V, 0-5V, 4-20ma, 6 multi-function inputs, 2 outputs (relays optional), up to 8 stages of speed control.
Starts/stops response time is short, low torque.
With under-voltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, short circuit protections.
Frequency converter maximum output rate 400hz.
Simple to operate and wire, connect to wires after removing screws.
Quickly starts/stops response, large torque at low speed.

Name: Variable Inverter
Model: AT3-1500X
Power Phase: three phase
Application Ranges: universal
Rated Voltage: three-phase AC 380V
Adaptation Motor Power: 1.5KW
Control Method: V/F closed loop
Output Voltage Regulation Mode: PWM control
Materials: Engineering plastics
Rated Current: 4A
Item Weight: 1193g / 2.63lb
Package Weight: 1356g / 3.00lb
Item Size: 180 * 130 * 125mm / 7.09 * 5.12 * 4.92in
Package size: 215 * 200 * 160mm / 8.45 * 7.87 * 6.30in

DISP: Switch monitoring parameters at monitoring state, at secondary menu, move data box to process editing position.
PROG: Exit current(or present) state, switch among each states, mainly used to switch monitoring state, exit to previous menu.
FUNG/DATA: Enter menus step-by-step, save setting parameters.
Up: Press or press and hold to add data or function code.
Down: Press or press and hold to minus data or function code.
RUN: Starts.
STOP/RESET: VFD stops running 2, restore to interface before error.
Knob: Adjust rotational speed.

Packing List:
1 * Variable Inverter
1 * Manual