Aibecy 1pc Light-Curing FEP Release Film


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Optical grade high-definition material, light transmittance up to 95%, making the print more smooth.
Made of high quality FEP, colorless and tasteless, heat and wear resistant. Cutting with advanced equipment, no burr.
Strong resilience, tensile strength≥14MPa, long-term and durable, flat and flawless, longer service life.
Hydrophobic and oleophobic, not adhering to resin, easy to clean. With light and stable release force, it can easily remove the film.
Suitable for 5.5 inch LCD 3D printers, such as Anycubic Photo, wanhao Duplicator 7, Xmake, Creality3D LD-002R, Spark maker, Flashforge Voxelab, etc.

Color: Transparent
Material: FEP
Quantity: 1pc
Tensile Strength≥14MPa
Right-Angle Tear Strength: ≥5Mpa
Applicable Model: 5.5 Inch LCD 3D Printer
Item Size: 200 * 140mm/ 7.9 * 5.5in
Item Weight: 11.5g/ 0.41oz
Package Size: 300 * 150 * 5mm/ 11.8 * 5.9 * 0.2in
Package Weight: 50g/ 1.76oz

Packing List:
1 * FEP Film