Aibecy PEI Spring Steel Sheet Hotbed Build Platform


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First layer is PEI film, amber color, smooth surface, good adhesion to various printing materials, especially PLA and ABS, heat resistant is up to 260 ℃.
Second layer is spring steel plate, which is specially used for making springs and elastic elements. With elastic deformation ability, it is difficult to permanently deform it by manpower.
With magnetic base, made of soft magnetic rubber, is soft in texture and has good magnetic and temperature resistance. With back glue, it can be directly attached to the hot bed platform.
Strong surface adhesion, no glue is needed, cold beating can be realized, and the bottom surface of the printed product is smooth.
Combined with magnetic steel, the mold can be easily removed by bending the steel plate slightly.

Material: PEI Film + Spring Steel Sheet + Magnetic Rubber Plate
Applicable Model: Anet A8 A6, Genius 3D Printer
Item Size: A: 220 * 220mm/ 8.7 * 8.7in
                B: 235 * 235mm/ 9.3 * 9.3in
                C: 310 * 310mm/ 12.2 * 12.2in
Item Weight:A: 399g/ 14.1oz
                     B: 414g/ 14.6oz
                     C: 765g/ 27.0oz
Package Size:A: 22 * 22 * 4cm/ 8.7 * 8.7 * 1.6in
                     B: 23.5 * 23.5 * 4cm/ 9.3 * 9.3 * 1.6in
                     C: 36 * 36 * 4cm/ 14.2 * 14.2 * 1.6in
Package Weight:A: 421g/ 14.9oz
                           B: 536g/ 18.9oz
                           C: 965g/ 34.0oz

Packing List:
1 * PEI Steel Sheet
1 * Magnetic Rubber Plate