Alice AW436-SL Professional Guitar Strings Set


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Package comes with 6 strings, fit for regular acoustic guitar in size 36"-42" greatly.
E and B strings are made of nickel-plated steel, the other wound strings are protected by proprietary anti-rust coating.
Each string is attached to a holed ball-end for convenient replacement.
Exceptional timbre and longevity make the strings set a goog choice for practice.
Super light tension, high-grade strings for acoustic guitar.

Tension: Super Light
Model: AW436-SL
Material: Nickel-plated steel ; coated copper alloy
E string (1st): 0.011"(0.28mm) nickel-plated steel
B string (2nd): 0.015"(0.38mm) nickel-plated steel
G string (3rd): 0.024"(0.61mm)  coated copper alloy wound
D string (4th): 0.032"(0.81mm)  coated copper alloy wound
A string (5th): 0.042"(1.076mm) coated copper alloy wound
E string (6th): 0.052"(1.32mm)  coated copper alloy wound
Package size: 13.5 * 11.5 * 1.2cm / 5.31 * 4.53 * 0.47in
Package weight: 44g / 1.55oz

Package List:
1 * 6 Strings Set