AM43 Electric Curtain Motor Intelligent Phone App Control Electric Roller Blinds Roman Curtain Soft Curtain Light Sense Automatic Identification Rope Pulling Motor


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Every time you pull the curtain cord, it takes a lot of time and increased arm joint burden for a long time,or some times you are taking care of your children, you can't go to close the curtains, or you will find that the ropes of the curtains are still messy and still worried about children, using drawstring curtain artifact to solve the above troubles for you, come on and try it.

This is a stylish, intelligent, modern aesthetic design product that can make your life more quality.
Functions: support light recognition, intelligent timing on/off, separate control/group control, intelligent setting stroke, stop when it is blocked, speed control operation, one button on/off, bluetooth connection, APP control, solar panel.
Solar power powered by aluminum battery charging, do not worry about recharging and powering recharger, can be installed anywhere.
Low noise safety: the bedroom is still quiet, small body, the enclosure is made of fire-rated material, monitor noise is as low as 40 decibels during operation.
Connect to bluetooth APP and open the new experience of smart curtains, the APP supports mainstream systems, and suitable for more curtain users, like venetian blinds, soft curtain, shangri-La curtain, honeycomb curtain, vertical curtain, roller blind.
APP curtains time switch: can set time when the curtains are opened and closed.
With light sensing function, automatic recognition of light intensity control switch curtain.
Single control and group control function, slow start and slow stop control.

Material: ABS
Color: white
Battery: 1 * lithium battery, 1000mAh
Input power: D C recharger 8.4VD C
Solar panel specs: 12V/0.3W
Lock-rotor current: 1.8A
Speed range: 20-40rps
Torque: 0.45NM
Rated current: 1A
Rated voltage: 12V
Rated power: 7.5W
Opening and closing speed: 36mm/s
Protection level: IP20
Item size: 167 * 43 * 37.5mm / 6.6 * 1.7 * 1.5in
Packing size: 220 * 220 * 50mm / 8.7 * 8.7 * 2.0in
Packing weight: 600g / 1.3lb

Packing List:
1 * Motor
1 * Solar Panel
1 * Recharger(EU Plug)
1 * Gearbox
1 * Set Accessories
1 * Motor
1 * Solar Panel
1 * Recharger(UK Plug)
1 * Gearbox
1 * Set Accessories
1 * Motor
1 * Solar Panel
1 * Recharger(US Plug)
1 * Gearbox
1 * Set Accessories