ANENG Digital Autoranging Multimeter with Audible Continuity True RMS Backlit Multimeter with AC/DC Voltage Tester Capacitance/Frequency/Continuity Meter Ohmmeter Resistance/Diode Tester for Electronics


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Rugged and solid build, bright digital display, touch control buttons, affodable price, wide range of tests and accurate measurement make it a top pick for DIYers for home and professionals for auto applications. 

[Professional Multimeter] Multiple tests for AC/DC voltage, NCV (non-contact voltage testing), resistance, capacitance, continuity, diode, null/live line, frequency, temperature.
[Autoranging & True-RMS] Automatically switching to specifically identified range, the true RMS multimeter delivers accuate and reliable measurements for different tests.
[Live/Null Wire Detector] Non-contact detects the live/null line and alerts you with a beeping sound. Quickly checks shorts or broken circuits in all types of electrical devices.
[Backlit & Flashlight] Vivid large backlit screen provides you with sharp readout. Flashlight ensures good visibility in the low-light or dark area.
[Convenient to Use] Touch control buttons with explict functions printed on for easy operation. Comes with a lanyard for single hand operation, and you can record the results with the feature of data hold. 

*Batteries not included.
*Main difference between 618A, 618B and 618C is the screen type:
618A – Black text on a white background
618B – White text on a black background
618C – Color screen

Counts: 6000
DC Voltage: 0V-600V
AC Voltage: 0V-600V
Resistance: 600Ω-60MΩ
Capacitance: 10nF-60mF
Diode: yes
Continuity Buzzer: yes
Null/Live Line: yes
NCV: yes
Data Hold: yes
Backlit: yes
Flashlight: yes
Current Temperature: yes
Frequency/Hz: yes (618A/618B is only for AC voltage)

Brand: ANENG
Model: 618A / 618B / 618C (optional)
Screen Type: Black text on a white background / White text on a black background / Color screen (optional)
Material: ABS
Battery Type: 1.5V AAA (2pcs)(batteries not included)
Cable Length: 67cm / 26.37in
Item Size: 13.87*6.8*1.7cm / 5.46*2.67*0.66in
Package Size: 20*10*3.5cm / 7.87*3.93*1.37in
Item Weight: 155g / 5.46oz
Package Weight: 225g / 7.93oz

Packing List:
1 * Digital Multimeter
2 * Test Lead
1 * Pouch
1 * Lanyard
1 * User Manual