Angle Grinder Universal Fixed Bracket Polishing Machine Conversion Cutting Machine Multifunctional Desktop Pull Rod Angle Grinding Machine Stand for 100 and 125 Angle Grinder


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This angle grinder stand with wider clamping distance, the max clamping distance can reach to 150mm, and the maximum clamping angle of the clamp can reach 45°, with thick protective cover and spring, if you need it, you can have a try.

The maximum clamping angle of the clamp can reach 45 degrees, the maximum clamping is 70mm.
Sliding cutting, smooth slide rail, smooth sliding, larger cutting ranges.
Upgrade and widen the clamping distance, the maximum clamping distance is 150mm.
Extended holdings handle away from the cutting area of the sawblade for safer use, give you a better using experience.
Adopt spring with fine elasticity, long service time, sufficient elastic force to return quickly, no deformation after stretching.
Thick protective cover, large size design can effectively refrain iron chips and wood chips from flying.
Clamping width quick adjustment button design, press to adjust the clamping width quickly, easier to use, and with non slip silicone fixed shaft for more accurate positioning.
Adjustable fixed arm for multiple angle grinders, and the fine-tuning knob for fine-tuning and locking fixture for more stable cutting.

Material: aluminium alloy
Color: green+black
Maximum clamping distance: 150mm / 5.9in
Maximum cutting distance: 70mm / 2.8in
Suitable for: 100, 125 angle grinder
Package size: 338 * 270 * 115mm / in
Package weight: 3231g / 7.1lb

Package list:
1 * Angle Grinder Stand