ANYCUBIC MEGA X 3D Printer Kit 300x300x305mm Large Build Volume All Metal Frame Titan Extruder Ultrabase Platform Touchscreen with 1kg PLA Sample Filament Support Resume Printing Filament Detector Meanwell Power Supply Works with PLA ABS TPU


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Modular design, no assembly hassle, get started quickly. Integrated frame, all metal body, ensure the stability of the body, effectively reduce the shaking in the printing process, restore more details of the model.
Use customized aluminum module for Y axis on heat bed base, dual lead rail design improves the stability of heat bed. Z-axis dual screw rod design decreases the likelihood of print errors.
Ultrabase platform, strong adhesion, easy removal, repeatedly used without sacrificing performance. Adopts Titan extruder, Strong extruder provides a better printing experience, compatible with flexible filaments such as TPU.
Support filament run out sensor and resume printing function, intelligent and reliable. Auto pause if filament runs out or break. Don't worry about power outages, when the power is restored, the printer will continue to print from the interruption point.
High reliable power supply, use power supply from world-famous brand, safe and stable to use. Effortless leveling, big leveling knob is much more convenient to grip, significantly save your effort .
Large build volume 300*300*305mm, more space for creation, support various 1.75mm printing filaments like PLA/TPU/ABS/Wood/HIPS,etc. Widely used in toy, architecture, furniture, education, daily necessities and other fields.

Model: MEGA X
Plug: UK
Input Rating: 110V/220V AC, 50/60Hz
Technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
Build Size: 300*300*305mm
Layer Resolution: 0.05-0.3mm
Positioning Accuracy: X/Y 0.0125mm, Z 0.002mm
Extruder Quantity: Single
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Print Speed: 20~100mm/s (suggested 60mm/s)
Moving Speed: 100mm/s
Supported Materials: PLA, ABS,TPU, HIPS, Wood
Ambient Operating Temperature: 8°C – 40°C
Operational Extruder Temperature: max. 250°C
Operational Print Bed Temperature: max. 90°C
Slicer Software: Cura
Software Input Formats: .STL, .OBJ, .DAE, .AMF
Software Output Formats: GCode
Connectivity: SD Card; Data cable(expert users only)
Machine Size: 500 * 500 * 553mm / 19.7 * 19.7 * 21.8in
Machine Weight: About 14kg / 30.9lbs
Package Size: 65.5 * 60.5 * 25.5cm / 25.8 *  23.8 * 10.0in
Package Weight: About 18kg / 39.7lbs

4G SD card is included.
The color of 1kg PLA filament is random.

Packing List:
1 * 3D Printer Kit