Aqara_opple Intelligent Lamp


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This ceiling light can be connected with other intelligent devices of Aqara, and can adjust brightness and color temperature through the mobile APP, or automatically adjust it through the gateways. In addition, it can be equipped with wire-less scene switch to realize the remote control function of distributed networking for direct connection (no gateways are needed). Then you can enjoy your intelligent life.

Brightness and color temperature can be adjusted.
Four classic scenario modes have been preset, and the one-click operation of the APP on the phone can meet the needs of reading, getting up, going to the movies and lighting effect in leisure time.
You can also customize the lighting scene according to your own preferences and habits.
Access Apple-Homekit, feel free to wake up Siri.(this feature needs to be bundled with the Aqara-gateway and set up on IOS 11.0 and above).This product can be automatically synchronized to the A-pple "family" APP after it is added through Aqara Home.
With the gateways, the Aqara Home or A-pple "Home" APP can realize the functions of time switch, custom scene, remote view of state, on/off lights, adjustment of lights and so on.
More even and soft light, increase the optical reflection, reduce light loss, bring higher luminous flux.
Three models, to meet the living room, bedroom and other different needs.

Item type: Ceiling Lamp
Selection style: MX480, MX650, MX960(optional)

MX480(Adjustable color temperature):
Mateial: PMMA+DC03
Size: φ480×85mm
CRI: Ra≥80
Luminous flux: 3500lm(96*LEDs beads)
P-ower: 39W
Applicable area: 10-29㎡
Suggested space: Bedroom, balcony, kitchen
Color temperature: Adjustable 2700K~5700K
Level of protection: IP40

MX650(Adjustable color temperature):
Mateial: PMMA+DC03
Size: φ648×90mm
CRI: Ra≥80
Luminous flux: 6500lm(180*LEDs beads)
P-ower: 65W
Applicable area: 15-30㎡
Suggested space: Bedroom, small living room, dining room
Color temperature: Adjustable 2700K~5700K
Level of protection: IP40

MX960(Adjustable color temperature):
Mateial: PMMA+DC03
Size: 950*633*114mm
CRI: Ra≥80
Luminous flux: 8800lm(320*LEDs beads)
P-ower: 120W
Applicable area: 25-35㎡
Suggested space: Living room
Color temperature: Adjustable 2700K~5700K
Level of protection: IP20

Package weight: MX480: 3260g/7.18pounds
                MX650: 5930g/13pounds
                MX960: 12570g/27.7pounds
Package size: MX480: 550*540*140mm/21.6*21.2*5.51inches
              MX650: 730*730*136mm/28.7*28.7*5.35inches
              MX960: 1085*775*160mm/42.7*30.5*6.29inches

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