Aquarium Air Pump Aquarium Oxygen Pump


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Let oxygen into the water, increase the oxygen content of water, to ensure the growth of fish in the water.
Air Flow Adjustable: There is a control knob at the front of the air pump, it's very easy to adjust the airflow according to your fish tank size and the air bubble you want. 
With dual-outlet: This adjustable air pump has 2 outlets, compatible with 2 air hose.
Large chamber pressurization design, the large air volume, and stable air outlet. Oil-free lubrication design compressed air purer.
The shell is made of ABS plastic, impact-resistant and long service life.
Silent design: advanced shock absorption system, quiet operation, very low noise.
Note: When in use, place the air pump the dry place above the water surface, otherwise the water will pour into the pump and damage the air pump.

Item name: Aquarium air pump
Main material: ABS
Color: Grey and white
Voltage: 220V-240V
Power(optional): 3W / 4W / 6W / 8W

3W Aquarium air pump: Maximum flow: 3L/min; Product size: 10*6.6*5cm; Package weight: 295g; Package size: 14*8*7cm
4W Aquarium air pump: Maximum flow: 4L/min; Product size: 11*7.3*5cm; Package weight: 343g; Package size: 14*8*7cm
6W Aquarium air pump: Maximum flow: 2*5L/min; Product size: 15*9.3*7cm; Package weight: 713g; Package size: 21*8.5*8.2cm
8W Aquarium air pump: Maximum flow: 2*6L/min; Product size: 16*10.5*6.5cm; Package weight: 868g; Package size: 20.5*11.3*8.2cm

Package list: 1*Aquarium air pump